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Nobody's ever gonna see this so, whatev
You’re the one and only person I chose in this whole world & As long as I have you, any future I have will always be shining
oh huzzah!
after 9127468350 weeks of not posting or something, blogger is not working.
talk about fantastic timing yes?

life in bullet points since the previous post:
- watched ice age 3 with ally (which sadly, didn't turn out so fantastic)
- had 4 potluck dinners consecutively for a month, 1/sunday (it's no wonder every monday i looked forward to pe as an outlet to work of the extreme weight gain)
- got my patriarchal blessing (which is one of the best feelings ever. you should have seen my smile after i came out. and the Spirit was SO strong)
- farewell to dear sports club seniors :(
- spent 2 consecutive fridays after school with lou & abby (<3!) gossiping & catching up & reminiscing & having fun (WHERE WAS GAOREN HUH)
- started dragon boating with sports club (why are we so cool yo) :DDD
- wore a cool red shirt along with ~10 fellow cool classmates and which had cool messages written by said ~10 fellow cool classmates. camwhored after national day celebrations with them and had a blast. had a most boring time during the celebrations itself though cos aj's just like that sigh (stnicks ftw!)
- watched harry potter with cow club + hema at tiong bahru and v smartly beat the crowd at vivo HAH!
- get v frustrated with pw (still am)
- make up even more nicknames for people that ade and i want to bitch about
- spent my breaks in between lessons watching finish Hana Yori Dango (1, 2, Final) on ade's turd
- fell in love with Oguri Shun!!!!!
- squealed and whined and fangirled everytime Rui appeared on screen and abused my friends whenever something sad was happening and laughed and smiled to a small screen in my hand and basically making everyone think i was a complete loony but of course i didn't care and carried on doing so cos HYD is so totally worth it!!!
- started dissing korean's Boys Over Flowers cos jap's HYD is 91798237503580425 X better!!!
- placed hyd's soundtrack on repeat
- discovered the tranquility of nexus and rushes there with ade to sleep in between lessons
- made contact with kester after >5 years (i want to go ri/rj to see him!!!)

blogger sucks! D:

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Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though its breaking

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by
If you smile with your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just
Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

i don't profess to be a fan of michael jackson, but i do think Thriller is pretty unparalleled, and that the Moonwalk is really cool.
i liked how he he could spin so fast and do a sudden pointe on his toes.
and i really really really like that he was so super cute when in the jackson 5.
so, RIP then, King of Pop.

on a lighter note, Federer has been restored to #1!!!
YAY YAY YA i knew he'd beat roddick and he won won won HALLELUJAH.

heehee so cute!
15 Grand Slams, Career Grand Slam, #1 player, greatest tennis player of all time yes yes yes!

and i've gone high over Absolute Boyfriend!!!

Hayami Mokomichi is so cute here!!!
and he's HOT HOT HOT like oh my gosh, his body is so,,, AWESOME.

oh and during yw lesson when keshia asked us to "close your eyes, and picture the person that you'll want to marry"
i closed my eyes and an image popped into my mind.
i turned to manda and she points at me and says "robot"
and there i start shrieking "HOW YOU KNOW!!! OH MY WORD HOW YOU KNOW!!!"
haha obviously she knows me v well :)))

cycling at pulau ubin last sat with some church members was fun!
i finally know how the bicycle gears work, how to cycle with one hand (ok for a short tiny while at least) and i can cycle up steep slopes whoo!
and there was deli fresh rambutans and durian hahaha.

had a cow club movie outing last thur after math mye (no comments) and we watched ghosts of girlfriends past!
haha apparently razzy was so bored she was falling asleep.
i can't believe how much we spent ugh.

celebrated sis' birthdays at peach garden on fri and OH HEAVENLY FOOD.
i really liked the shark fin soup.
cruelty i know but oh my.

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Hey hey you you I want to eat your sandwich No way no way you should just bring your own one
holidays are not extended (WHY WHY WHY) so i have to finish memorizing bio this week bio is my first paper after gp which is all on the first day who the fish puts bio on the first day even cruel o levels did not do that to us and then aj v v v smartly puts econs on tue it is not possible to have enough time to memorize econs in 1 day but that's ok i plan to fail anyway (ooh thriple rhyme!).

try saying that with 1 breath hahaha.

anyhoo, i have covered 4 chapters of bio yay yay ya 3 more to go.
except i don't think it's possible to cover both dna and cell division in 1 day but i'll try anyway cos viruses will drive me crazy on its own no enzyme required to speed up THAT reaction.
i messaged jia telling her that she has a lipid soma how cool yo.
bio teaches me insults!

uncles' outing yesterday :)))
went iluma cos uncle e was so excited about the prospect of exploring new territory (her words, not mine) and we ate at some jap place (we had to choose out of 3 jap places that were side by side who the fish builds jap places side by side you tell me) cos this v kind family came out and thrust 3 $5 vouchers in our hands like WOAH.
and there was some confusion at the door before we were ushered in cos they wanted to check our age cos you can order alcohol in there.
then eunice produced her ezlink.
and we were swooshed in.
so we were all excited and we ate substantially (v little actually, but somehow still felt full) and there uncle e was jesting (ok, not really) about ordering beer.

eunice: can we order beer?
waitress: -stunned look- -recovers- OF COURSE!
eunice: ooh wow ok. um right. uh we'll order later.

and the rest of us just stare at her dumbly.
then we burst into squeals like !!!

and before that was studying at amk library with razzy and myitzu (followed by breassy and ade yay).
i actually covered 2 chapters of bio k!!!
miracle, especially since i'm with THEM.
oh ho we saw scandalous stuff too woah woah yeah yeah.
and razzy brought her mum's REAL LV wallet.
and we ate at kfc and she managed to get a tiny bit of chilli on it.
go figure.

ok FINE night world.

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I've treated you unkindly but darlin' can't you see, there's no one more important to me
abish is back!!!
and we are still civil.
it's a good sign i know, i know it in my bones.
tell me i know.

moving on.

i want my hols to be extended.
i hope (huhuh, can't pray for such frivolous stuff right?) hols will be extended.
i joined the fb group petitioning for an extension yay yay ya!

i think i'm having an uncles' outing this wed.
we plan to have dinner.
like do something novel besides eating prata all the time (which is not to say prata is not good cos prata IS good)
i can't wait!!!

oh and there's a sports club bbq tomorrow and i can't go how sad can life get right.
and a bit weishun and i were put in charge of planning -______-

least night there was a gathering at 5th aunt's place.
ok obviously all of us can appreciate durian and it's so cool so cool so cool.
especially when you see 2 men stagger in with this huge basket FULL of durians all top-notch quality.
and then they cut it and open it and lay it on the table for you and everyone just starts eating.
oh bitter/sweet-creamy-rich-effing-delicious durian heaven how do i love thee?
and they even provided like 3 bags of mangosteens to "cool" us down.
oh durian durian durian ily :)))
if ever i can create worlds, i'd create a world that's nothing but durian plantations.

and like fri afternoon, ying abby i went back for choir's farewell.
oh man oh man i miss all my friends :(((
but it was so so so so so good to see the 2 of them
oi ng jiamei if you went then it'd have been JAMY/A=B!!!
oh well.
haha their version of dftl quite funny.
hazel was v cute waving around her balloons like pompoms or something.
ying faster upload the pictures!!!
and we lunched at tauhuay cos it's THE tauhuay shop and for the nostalgia and it's such a stnicks thing to do and nothing less than that would do.
and and seriously?
the school service stuff can be totally improved.
if the person is not going to be at the counter anytime soon, just say so!!!
wah lau just tell us "hold on ah" and leave us standing around like sorry aimless fools.
well ok, we're like ex-students not psg or anything, but that's no excuse!
it's just a frickin grad cert how long can it take to hand it over to us -_______-

fri night was dance it was kinda pretty cool and good i like the refreshments ahahaha.
and nudge nudge amanda THE dance ahahaha you know you know we are the only observant people must be must be.

ok off i go to read my terry prachett book i love his books they're so frickin funny.
yay yay ya good night world!

I love you in a place where there's no space or time
I love you for in my life you are a friend of mine
And when my life is over
Remember when we were together
We were alone and I was singing this song for you
~A Song for You by The Carpenters


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So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy, when I tell you love has come here and now
the past 3 days, i wake up v v v late (breakfast at 12 noon anyone?), get ready ultra slowly, twiddle with the radio, sit down, and start doing long-ignored math tutorials.
i actually understand differentiation!!!

i'm going for farewell farewell farewell and i'll get to see my beloved juniors and friends ying (and possibly abby?) and it's tomorrow tomorrow i love ya tomorrow you're only a day A-WAYYYYYYY!!!
and dance is tomorrow too.

abish is coming back, anticipation anticipation.

yc last week was fun.
fun fun fun in the sun sun sun.
but the bus journey up and down fraser's hill was nauseatingly um, for lack of a better word, nauseating.
other than that, i think combining with kl was a good experience.
i never knew how much i really learnt until i started writing in my diary (yes i keep one, i do need a space to rant private thoughts. cyberspace is so unsafe).
and tsk to me, i obviously need to learn not to judge others too hastily.

that's us, the whole lot of us.
(keshia made a v acute observation, "we are such a big group of people and they makes us squeeze, and they have this 1" border around us??!)

woodlands ward yw tried taking jumpshots and were epic fail 999/1000 times.
this was the only successful (relatively) one with sam in it.
of course, the whole point was to have this v beautiful orangey background behind us, but our cameras are v v v lousy at taking clear jumpshot photos when it's so dim, so we had to settle for flash.
oh and cos we were so epic fail, we jumped till we sweat.

this is actually sam's pink shades, but i kidnapped it and wore it many times, and soon people thought it was mine HAHAHA.
apparently, i am v cockroach-like in those shades.

i know it's really terrible of me, but i'm secretly wishing that this h1n1 thing will worsen then whoo, school holidays extended!
which means more time to study for myes!!!
worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen worsen

hello cow club, ily :)
myitzu's asking me to meet up with her next week cos she needs to study other people's notes.
problem is, i'm as far from reliable as possible.
but then again, she's so blonde, she wouldn't realise it HAHAHA.
hope you're reading this darling :D

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I see you across the canteen, I wish I was a bean, on your plate.
i don't have time to write all that i would like to.
but for now, watch this :)

it's a little lengthy (and it's in cantonese haha), but so worth it.
the human spirit, can anything beat that?
apparently not.

0 letters in my letterbox!

Can we pretend to leave, and then meet again when both our cars collide?
i am a total idiot.
i have spent at least 1 year mourning about my ability to blog only in html.
i complain about not being able to do colours and fonts and sizes.
i am a total idiot.
i have now realised how blind i can really be.
say hello to more colours from now on muahahah.
or maybe not.
the point is, i can blog normally now yay!

i was cleaning the house this afternoon.
and i had to wash the toilets.
on my hands and knees.
and then later while sitting down to rest, i stared at my knees.
specifically, the red patch that was still red from all that kneeling.
and i stared.
guess what i discovered?
i have discovered a new way to remove hair!
no more painful shaving/waxing/etc!
i kid you not that red patch was practically hairless.
shocked was i.
it still feels smooth.
maybe i should wash the toilets more often.
i'll have the smoothest knees in town HAHAHA.
of course, this hair removal system only works for knees.

last night when keshia and i were walking back home, we spotted a few policeman talking to this group of people.
i think they were family or neighbours or something.
we saw a van in front of us and were trying to figure out what's inside and the reason for the presence of the police.
we walked past the van, attempting to peer in.
a body lay there being covered by a white cloth by the police.
i think we were both equally shocked by that sight.
it's rather freaky actually, especially since it was pretty late at night already and it was upclose and personal and right bam smack in your face?
it's like "OKAY, we really could have gone without knowing what was inside"
makes one wonder, was it a suicide?
freak fall?
who knows?
it was so hush hush, no spectators and no hullabaloo.
no hysterical crying, yelling, screaming.
i scoured the newspapers today, hoping to see if the case was reported.
reminds me of that time when we were still living in yishun, and the block opposite our's had a suicide case?
mum heard a scream in the early morning and the next thing we knew in the afternoon, at the foot of the block there was a white cloth covering an area on the ground.
deaths are so rampant in this world now and we never know when it's gonna strike the next person closest to us.
i try and think what life would be like with no mum or dad or keshia or bish.
i can't imagine it.
as much as sometimes i really can't stand the sight of them or sometimes convince myself that i hate them and that the world is better off without them, i know that's not how i really feel.
that's never how i really feel.
will never be how i really feel.
i imagine myself growing older and getting married and having kids and i think, would my family still be around?
to crack inside jokes or to make quilts and tat or show how an old man does marathons or to fight and laugh with and gather around during christmas and cny and thanksgiving and birthdays?
it's scary.
really scary.
goodnight world.

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